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The Partners of "Tamayyaz "Program Are Holding Interviews for Its Fifth Phase in Arab American University

Thursday, November 15, 2018

 “Tamayyaz” partners hope that the program will become the gateway for graduates to economic empowerment and a strong engagement in the labor market by bridging the gap between the theoretical reality of academic education and the practical requirements of the labor market.

Tamayyaz program partners held a series of interviews for Arab American students for those who wish to join the program in its fifth season, with the participation of more than 90 students from Arab American University and Al Quds Open University in Jenin.

Tamayyaz partners announced that students will be able to register for the program before a month from now. A large number of applications were received through the program's website. The applications were submitted to a revision and evaluation process, followed by interviews Which ended with the selection of the best 45 students to join the program.

The program launched in late 2012, and aims to empower and develop Palestinian youth, to increase their motivation and improve their chances of competing in the labor market through an integrated program designed specifically for Palestinian university students.  The program seeks to prepare them in a professional program through two pillars: the first is to develop their own abilities and life skills, including enhancing public culture, motivating them to build critical thinking, expand their knowledge, enhance communication and self-expression skills, develop their language and technological skills, Second providing them with practical skills and linking their theoretical academic knowledge with the needs of the labor market, including managerial, organizational and planning skills, supporting education for work and entrepreneurship, job training and promoting citizenship and volunteerism.