Mohammad Abulhouf

Mohammad Abulhouf

Mohammad Zakaria Abulhouf

Works as an E-Marketing Consultant in a number of local and international companies specialized in promoting websites and applications

In 2013, he graduated from Arab American University majoring in Computer Information Technology

Holds a certificate as an authorized E-Marketing Expert from:

 (International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants)

Holds multiple degrees from Google:

  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Mobile sites

For three months after graduation, he worked for a local Palestinian Company then for another three months he worked at the Emirati Telecommunication Company in Dubai, after which he returned to Palestine to become E-Marketing trainer assistant. The challenges in such a new field in Palestinian Market started refining his skills. Also he was e-marketing trainer at the German Academy in Ramallah. In 2015, after passing the “Authorized E-Marketing Expert” test at the Higher Board of Ecommerce he held several training sessions in Dubai for Saudi Civil Aviation Authority and other companies.

On the same year, he became WebTeb company marketing director -the Arab World First Medical Website- he was responsible for promoting it and its applications. They’ve made significant progress by getting high ranking on Google search engine and application stores, leading to large increase in the Arab users’ number.

At the moment, he works as E-Marketing Consultant for several Arab and Foreign companies specialized in increasing growth for online emerging companies.

My message for students is :

to raise their expectations, ambitions and challenges. Persist on success because it’s the key for progress and evolution. Success path is difficult and challenging, you the initiators must plan to overcome these obstacles smoothly and forcefully. And always remember, do not quit ever, you should never surrender!

My final advice, students who have an idea or a graduation project must hurry and work on it and launch it because one day it can become local or global platform, raising Palestine and the university names high in international markets. I’m always here to support my university students’ constructive ideas.