Arab American University (TEDx)

Jul/14 09:00 - Jul/14 18:00

Conferences Hall – Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences – Main Campus – Jenin

Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 09:00 to 18:00

Conferences Hall – Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences – Main Campus – Jenin

For the first time, the Arab American University hosts the TEDx Global Conference on its campus, Saturday 14/7, which is a program by the American TED organization since 2009, where individuals from different countries who believe in spreading worthy ideas get a TED license to organize local conferences. TED is a non-profit organization with the slogan “ideas worth spreading.” Ted's idea was launched at a four-day conference in Monterey, California, 25 years ago, it evolved quickly into an annual event that supports creative ideas through several initiatives, including inviting leaders and thinkers to speak for about 18 minutes of their experiences in their specializations. These conversations are offered free of charge on the website

Arab American University TEDx, a group of students with the same spirit and passion for spreading creative and innovative ideas in the Palestinian society to make positive change in society and reflect us in honorable picture to the world. They highlight inspiring and creative Palestinian stories by choosing 14 speakers from different backgrounds to talk about issues in science, philosophy, art, history, technology, etc. they got the same ambition to spread their creative ideas, find free space for them and their inspiring stories away from politics.


The Arab American University TEDx team seeks to make this conference as an annual event to bring notable and amazing speakers to their university yearly.

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