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Events 2017

Jan 2017

Jan 15

Each faculty will have one team to participate (Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Faculty oh Administrative and Financial Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, Sports Department team and the university staff team).

Jan 14

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Events 2016

Dec 2016

Nov 2016

Nov 29

All colleagues’ graduates from German universities invited to attend seminar entitled "DAAD scholarship" organized by AAUP in cooperation with German DAAD scholarships representative to discuss projects and scholarships submitted to the University.

Nov 22

Delegates from AMIDEAST and the American Consulate will introduce application procedures, necessary steps to compete for available grants and detailed procedures to issue a visa for students and teachers wishing to complete their higher studies in the US. Also delegates will introduce websites they apply through to get other grants.

The coming crew is specialist and can answer all your questions.

Nov 14

The show presented by said Abu Mualla, it will be in Arabic.

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Nov 08

Presented by Committee members “Dr. Amjad Ratrout, Dr. Moath Sabha and Mr. Sami Awad”

Nov 06

It will be held with Ayman Odeh Joint Arab List Chairman, it will include participations and questions from the audience

Nov 05

Organized by AAUP in partnership with visiting German academic and student delegation from the University of New Branden Burg

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