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Dr. Tareq Zanoon Publications

Date Title
2022 Microwave 3D Imaging System Featuring the Phase Coherence Factor for Improved Beamforming.
2020 Experimental Investigation on the Alleged Gender-Differences in Pedestrian Dynamics: A Study Reveals No Gender Differences in Pedestrian Movement Behavior
2018 Preliminary Validation of UWB Through-Rubble Detection Measurements for Quasi Real Time Detection of Trapped Survivors
2013 Radar Sensing Featuring Biconical Antenna and Enhanced Delay and Sum Algorithm For Early Stage Breast Cancer Detection
2011 Early stage breast cancer detection by means of time-domain ultra wide band sensing
2011 Quantitative Imaging in the Time Domain Featuring Gradient Based Minimization and Broyden Updating
2011 High resolution imaging of dielectric profiles by using a time-domain ultra wideband radar sensors
Book Chapter
Date Title
2019 Gender-based Insights into the Fundamental Diagram of Pedestrian Dynamics
Conference Paper
Date Title
2022 Performance of the Barzilai-Borwein fixed-step optimization approach in non-invasive microwave imaging
2016 Disaster Recovery and Through Rubble Detection by Means of Quasi-Real Time UWB Multilateration Reconstruction
2014 A hybrid image reconstruction approach for ultra-wide band microwave tomography featuring radar based and iterative methods
2012 Experimental ultra wide band imaging using heterogeneously dense breast phantom for early cancer detection
2012 Microwave imaging at resolution and super-resolution with ultra-wide band sensors
2011 Comparing image reconstruction algorithms for microwave camera featuring ultra wide band sensor
2009 Electromagnetic tomography featuring ultra wide band sensor with conformal finite difference (CFDTD) modeling of dispersive media
2009 Iterative and single-step solutions of multi-offset ultra wide band data in the time domain