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Data Analysis

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
From the workshop

The Arab American University hosted a specialized workshop in data analysis organized by the Palestinian Telecommunications Company PALTEL and presented by Wael Abu Rizq, a specialist in data analysis at the Telecommunications Company, in the presence of a group of students and professors of the faculties of administrative and financial sciences and engineering and information technology.

During the workshop, Abu Rizk said: “The world of data analysis and exploration is not limited to the business world, but can also be used in all fields of service as it permeates in all the daily life areas. The future will rely heavily on data and analyzing it as it will facilitate institutions work and help in developing them.”

He added, PALTEL is the pioneer in the ICT sector in Palestine. It always takes it upon itself to make university students aware of the background of the data analysis world and linking it to the companies’ business life.

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