Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Part of the announcing of the winners in the elections of the founding committee in AAUP Alumni

In a meeting organized by the elections’ supervising committee, and with the presence of Dr. Adli Saleh, Dr. Abdulbasit Rabaaya, Mr. Fadi Jumaa the PR Manager and some of the participants or their representatives, Prof. Ali Zeidan AbuZuhri- AAUP President announced the names of the winners in the elections of the founding committee of AAUP Alumni

Winners are (ordered alphabetically):

Ahmad Mutee Sawafteh

Ahmad Nawaf Rabayaa

Khalid Jamal Hindi

Ramiz Nazhat Khader

Rabee Nemer Madi

Sharaf Ibrahim Deek

Saleh Fayeq Thaher

Salah Addien Hisham Wald Ali

Abdullah Waleed Swaiti

Ali Bilal Kmail

Mohammad Ali Abu Ali

Maryam jeryes Daowd

Sunday, May 13, 2018
From the voting process

The Supervising Committee of the student council elections at the Arab American University announced the winning of Yasser Arafat's Party by a majority of the 33 council seats in the general conference.

The Martyr Yasser Arafat's party got 24 seats, the students’ initiative party won 6 and Martyr Ahmed Al-Kilani party, an alliance of the student unity party and independence, got 3 seats.

The election supervision committee said: “The number of students who voted was 4618 students representing 45.9% of the students who are entitled to vote, which are 10,061 students. The martyr Yasser Arafat party received 3215 votes, the students’ initiative party got 756, the martyr Ahmed Al-Kilani party won 410 votes, and the blank papers were 237.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
From the University

The Arab-American University has been covered with the flags and posters of the participating students’ parties at the Student Union Council 2018 elections, scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 13th. The 33 students' council seats are competing for by three students’ parties: the Yasser Arafat Party, the Student Initiative Gathering, the Martyr Ahmad Al-Kilani, an alliance between the two parties of Student Unity and Independence.

The Elections Supervisory Committee said: “We have completed all preparations to ensure that the voting process goes smoothly and to legally meet the university regulations and laws regarding electing the students council. Stressing the students parties will ensure its fairness and transparent. The university will guarantee the freedom of voting and expressing opinion to all its students”. He stressed that the number of students who may vote on Sunday is 10,060 students from the university different faculties in addition to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


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