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Honoring Tawjihi students

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Honoring Tawjihi students

Arab American University participated in the high school students honoring ceremony who got a score above 90% in Tubas and Jenin governances, arranged by Fatah movement in Jenin region at the National Security Camp - Throne of Happiness, under the patronage of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The ceremony was attended by the University Library Director Mr. Hasan Al-Saeed and Public Relations Officer Raed Abu Bakr. It was opened by Fatah secretary in Jenin region Prof. Dr. Nour Aldeen Abu-Rob, who congratulated the outstanding, successful students. He praised the Arab American University role which has become prestigious on Palestinian level, noting that the Board of Directors President Dr. Yousef Asfour has announced 100 dinars grant to 100 students who attended the ceremony and registered at the University.

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