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Dr. Yousef Asfour


Dr. Yousef Asfour is a business man was born in Sinjil in Palestine in 1955 and started his career life in Saudi Arabia as an agent for importing and exporting for a variety of materials for many companies. Then he opened his own company in Saudi Arabia for customs clearance. During this time at work there, he worked in real estate in Palestine.

In 1997, Dr. Yousef established another company for marble and granite “Geneva Company” in Palestine which has now a capital of about 17 million dollars.

In 2000, Dr. Yousef established, along with other partners, the first private university (Arab American University) in Palestine which has now a capital of about 78 million dollars, 56% is owned by him, and about 12 thousand students currently studying there. The University main campus in Jenin City has a property of about 380 thousand square meters and in Ramallah Campus it is about 23 thousand square meters. In addition, Dr. Yousef is the founder of Arab American University and currently the chairman of the board of directors in the university since the year 2000.

In addition, Dr. Asfour owns strategic properties and lands across the west bank in Ramallah city and other major cities estimated in 10’s of millions of dollars situated in key commercial locations. That’s why he received an honorary Ph.D degree in Economics and Business Management from Oxford College in UK.

Last Year, Dr. Yousef Asfour received from the president of the state of Palestine, Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, the merit star medal of the state of Palestine, honoring him for his great work as a businessman and a national figure.

In addition, Dr. Yousef obtained the franchise of Gloria Jean’s Coffees Exclusively, an Australian coffee company that has opened more than 1,200 coffee houses across 41 markets worldwide, with one branch in Ramallah City and another branch in AlRehan City.