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Nadia Haj-Yasein

Nadia Haj-Yasein

My name is Nadia Nabil Haj-Yasein; I studied Biology and Biotechnology in Arab American University, Jenin and graduated in 2004.

I have obtained my master degree from Ghent University in medical Molecular Biotechnology in 2006.

During my master study I applied for a PhD position in the medical faculty in Oslo University, in the field of Neuroscience. I was awarded EU grant (Marie Curie) during the first three years of my PhD.

I defended my PhD thesis in February 2012. Since then I am employed as Post doctor in molecular nutrition, in the medical faculty in the university of Oslo.

Through my PhD and postdoctoral periods I have gained extensive competence within the field of medical research. My daily work has embraced a variety of tasks, ranging from planning and implementation of large research projects, run experiments, data analysis, scientific writing, literature studies and frequent scientific presentations.

I was able to lead my scientific projects, which lead to a very good record of scientific publication; per today, I have 9 scientific articles published in a high-ranked international journals and I have 2 articles as manuscripts that will be submitted in the near future. I have been nominated and selected to participate in the 61th Meeting of Nobel Laureates (dedicated to Physiology or Medicine) in 2011. Through the EU scholarship I obtained between 2006 and 2009, I have been traveling and attending several workshops in different cities within Europe and united states through which I have gained valuable insight into medical research at an international level, in addition to establishing a global network.

Parallel to my PhD, I have worked as a lecturer and supervisor for medical and nutrition students. These experiences have made me skilled in communicating science in a comprehendible manner.

I have frequently attended and presented at international scientific conferences, I have also been invited to several meetings and conferences.

AAU played a role in preparing me academically and helping me mature scientifically by recruiting great professors with excellent and different experiences. AAU also trained me to do research by having lab courses, scientific articles reading course, and by giving us the opportunity to do some research and lab work both in Galilee Society R&D Center with Professor Bashar Saad and at INRA de Jouy-en-Josas (France) with professor Bilal Ghareeb. Being one among the first group of students admitted, we received special care from everyone in the university. The faculty members did everything possible to make sure that we are well prepared.