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AAUP and Strategy Directives International Sign MoU to Develop Students’ Skills

Monday, January 31, 2022

Arab American University and Strategy Directives International which is a company specialized in Education Technology signed MoU that aims to enable students and equip them with 21st century skills that are highly required and needed in the labor market.

This MoU comes as part of the initiative “Empowering Youth” that was launched by Strategy Directives, and the initiative works by evaluating the behavior skills and personal prosperities in students using Maharatkom platform. This evaluation is a psychometric one in the form of an interactive test online that depends on artificial intelligence, and the reports will be applied in the courses and programs available on the education platforms online like Edrak platform in order to determine the needs of the training and to develop the required skills.

Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri emphasized on the importance of this MoU that will enable students to gain skills by blending them in the local and international markets, and explained that AAUP always seeks to develop its students academically and scientifically and to provide all the needed training courses to qualify them to achieve success and excellence.

Mr. Khayri Abu Jbain- the General Director of Strategy Directives said: “This strategic partnership with Arab American University stressed our commitment to empower youth with needed skills that qualify them to achieve pioneer and excellence in their workplaces, and we are happy to offer this initiative to enrich students’ knowledge in the most modern fields such as communication, innovation, analysis and organization to qualify them to reach the highest levels in their work places”.

Strategy Directives that developed “Maharatkom” application provides solutions in personal skills evaluation for school students and those who are searching for jobs and it provides solutions in the human resources and implements social development projects that aim to empower individuals of the society with the most needed skills in the Arab World.