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Two AAUP Students Win in the Scientific Conference of Postgraduate Students 2022

Thursday, October 13, 2022

The Arab American University won two awards at the Palestinian Scientific Conference of Postgraduates 2022, which was organized by the Islamic University of Gaza.

The MA student in "Contemporary Public Relations", Baraa Abed and her supervisor, Dr. Elias Kukali, won the best research award in the Humanities and Social Sciences field for her research paper entitled "Exploring the Causal Links Between Locus of Control and Functional Performance Among Public Relations Practitioners in the Government Service Sector: A Track Analysis.”

The study sought to measure the indirect effect of causal links, such as (financial incentives, powers granted by senior management, and the quality of the relationship with the leader) as intermediate variables between locus of control as an independent variable and job performance as a dependent variable for public relations practitioners in the government service sector.

At the same conference, Dalal Kamal, an MA student in the "Health Informatics" program and her supervisors, Dr. Shahnaz Najjar, and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Awad, won the best research award in the health sciences field for her research paper entitled "Integration of Electronic Medical Records in Governmental Hospitals and the Electronic Record of Maternity and Childhood in Primary Health Care Clinics in Palestine.”

The study aims to clarify the possibility of linking the existing health information programs in the Palestinian Ministry of Health, especially in the Department of Maternal and Child Health, to raise the accuracy of data for maternal and child health indicators. The study also proposed a model for the program that will link the selected elements in the primary health care programs and the computerized health system in hospitals, based on the criteria of efficiency and quality of the provided health services.

The conference included 6 fields, namely, the field of health sciences, the field of Sharia, Islamic, and legal sciences, the field of basic sciences, the field of administrative and economic sciences and crisis and disaster management, the field of human and social sciences, and the field of engineering and technological sciences.