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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Researcher Reem Azouqa, Commercial Law student at AAU’s Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended her Master thesis master thesis entitled “Buyer's right to terminate contract and Seller’s right to reform when breach in the commitment implementation occur”.

Her research discussed the buyer's right to terminate the sale contract in accordance with the Vienna Convention on International Sales, according to the descriptive and analytical approach comparative, in addition to discussing the seller’s right to reform when the breach in the commitment implementation occur.

The thesis found a number of useful results in this regard, especially in the context of the State of Palestine attempt to join this agreement and WTO agreements.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Researcher Moneer Sayel Hamed Foqha, master student in Computer Science at AAUP Graduate Studies Faculty, he discussed his thesis entitled “Searching for data using artificial neural networks and optimization algorithms”

Researcher Foqha talk in his thesis about artificial system for finding data in emails and sort it into Spam and not Spam emails using a type of artificial neural networks and algorithm to improve results. The system works on sorting emails efficiently. He pointed that the system works to reduce e-mails classifying errors relying on intelligent model capable to reduce classifying errors. This system helps controlling emails, display credible emails and blocking spams that wastes time and effort.

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