Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is a mix between Interior Design and Architecture Engineering, this is the first Program of its kind in Palestine and the second in the region.

The Program is offered as a Collaboration with The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona - Italy.

The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona is a post-secondary school for studies in the visual arts, founded in 1764. The “Accademia di Belle Arti” is one of the oldest Art Academies in the world and it is listed as one of the Top five” Accademie Storiche d'Italia”.

The Program was designed by The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona and it meets the International Standards and the Italian Standards. Many of the courses will be taught by the faculty of The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona- Italy.


  1. To preserve and restore old buildings   
  2. To build code and safety for different buildings
  3. To build physical and virtual (computer-based) models
  4. To Draw plans of your one’s designs
  5. Architectural and design styles and history


Careers of graduates:

Interior Architects have a variety of career options open to them. Students who complete their BA degree can steer their careers in different directions, including:

  1. Working as a design expert for architecture and interior design firms or multidisciplinary studios specializing in space design, landscape design, window displays, product design, stage design, or home, retail and urban furnishing.
  2. Becoming a designer for events, pop-up architecture, museum installations, fashion shows, exhibitions, stands, experiences, audiovisual communication, identity design or art director.
  3. Collaborating with design studios in every specialty and working on a team during the concept application stage, development and management of space design projects.
  4. Working in multidisciplinary teams to carry out permanent or pop-up residential and retail interior design projects under public or private initiatives.


The Interior Architecture BA student will have the opportunity to travel to the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona – Italy for their Internship.