Computer Systems Engineering Department


Computer Systems Engineering Department at AAUP offers for its students an integrated program that allies with the continuing technology development and meets with the demanding need of computer engineering in the local and international market. Graduates of this program have high opportunities to work at companies related in programming, designing, developing, testing, and supervisions on computer equipment and networks.



The Department of Computer Systems Engineering strives to develop globally competent and ethically strong Computer systems engineers with power of innovation and commitment to contribute the technology and serve the society.



  • To prepare intellectual leaders in industry, government, and academia.
  • To produce engineers who have integrated education in computer engineering topics.
  • To provide students with principles, tools, and skills in computer engineering, scientific, mathematical, and technical fields.
  • To contribute the society by advancing the fields of computer engineering through innovations in teaching and research.
  • To serve society about innovations related to the different areas of technologies.



Computer Systems Engineering Department offers a vital specialization that evolves with the cutting edge technologies and impacts the contemporary society in several areas. This program provides the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to design and analyze mobile and computer applications, where students are trained in the following main fields: Programming, digital systems, microcontrollers and integrated systems, networks, artificial intelligence, designing, operating systems, database designs and implementation; systems development and project management. The study duration of this program is ten semesters, the student during this time applies software & hardware computer engineering that allows proper programing, designing, developing, testing and supervising computer applications and networks.


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