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About the Center


Dr. Faisal Sabah


The Continuing Education Center was established in Arab American University to be a center which provides services to the local Palestinian community and offer continuing education services and opportunities to all levels of the community. Also the center focuses on keeping up with the developments in the fields of education, training, development and sustainable projects and capabilities development to face the challenges. The center works on upgrading the efficiency of people and improving their performances practically, technically and scientifically in order to contribute actively in the development projects in the Palestinian labor market, and so the center employs the special capabilities of its staff and faculty members in the different fields. The continuing education center is specialized in different approaches which are: firstly: the Center offers training courses, workshops, symposiums, conferences and consultations in different administrative, scientific, technical and community fields for both the private and governmental sectors. Secondly: Professional Diplomas: as the Center offers a Diploma degree in different specializations (a one-year diploma) and our slogan is to make our trainees professionals and provide them with occupations through the high level, intensive and specialized training courses. We believe in the wise saying: A person is still a learner as long as he is seeking knowledge, and the moment he believes he has learned is the moment his ignorance has begun.


The Continuing Education Center seeks to be a pioneer center and an active space to provide services to the local Palestinian community in a way to achieve the vision and objectives of Arab American University and its sustainable development.


• The Center seeks to provide significant training programs on international levels, and to bring in qualified training staff. • The Center focuses on creating an open environment that welcomes the training exchange and mobility by joint collaboration agreements with local and international centers and institutions. • The Center enhances the principles of ethics in trainees and encourages the desire to serve the local community. • The Center will continue in providing training services in technical and occupational levels and prepare the development projects and implement them. • Make sure that the services of the center are according to the local and international standards and the “ best international practices” that keeps up with the mission and vision of the university.


The Center aims to achieve the following goals: 1. Design high-level specifications training courses. 2. Manage and organize for the joint occupational diploma programs. 3. Participate with the local community and encourage the joint trainings with the Palestinian, regional and international organizations. 4. High levels of occupational training services, financial, administrative and technical consultations to benefit the local community. 5. Provide Life Long Learning opportunities for all Palestinian people based on the community partnerships. 6. Achieve the Mission, Vision and Objectives of Arab American University.