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AAU Faculty of Law Implements Specialized Trainings on Death Penalty within “Karama” Project

Saturday, April 1, 2017

In cooperation with the Italian Development Cooperation

Faculty of Law organizes a series of specialized training courses for its students on death penalty as part of “Karama” project to enhance and consolidate of human rights, in cooperation with the Italian Development Cooperation.

Part of the specialized course

This project, one year long, comes after signing a MoU between AAUP and the Cooperation targeting Faculty of Law students in order to introduce them to the legal guarantees to imply death penalty in the presence of various Palestinian legal systems.

Chairman of Public Law department at Faculty of Law and Project Organizer in Jenin Dr. Said Abu Fara explaining the difference in Palestinian legal systems, “In Gaza Strip the 1936 Mandate Law is implemented, 15 crimes sentenced with death penalty. In the West Bank the Jordanian Penal Code No. 16 of 1960 is applied, 17 crimes sentenced with death penalty. And as for the 1979 Law of the Military Revolution implemented in Palestine punishes 33 crimes”.

He added, through these courses students get to know that these different laws in Palestine may lead to violate the right of life, which is one of the basic, essential human rights according to all heavenly and earthly laws.

Dr. Abu Fara pointed, the Faculty organized the second training course entitled “Legislative harmonization between international covenants and Palestinian legislations on death penalty”, the previous course was entitled “Legal guarantees to apply death penalty in Palestine”, in addition to other sessions. Holding sections with experts to benefit from their expertise. Students will also will present research on the death penalty and the winner research will get a financial prize.