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AAUP and Peer-to-Peer “Dars” Sign a Cooperation Agreement

Monday, September 25, 2023

The Arab American University, represented by the Vice President of the Ramallah Campus, Professor Dr. Mohammad Asia, and the Peer-to-peer “Dars” Company, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Experts Integrated Solutions Company, which invests in the Peer-to-peer “Dars” Company, Eng. Mustafa Salama, signed an agreement of cooperation. This agreement aims to provide job opportunities for outstanding university students through providing support lessons for primary school students to raise their level of academic achievement.

Dr. Asia stated that the agreement represents a pioneering project linking outstanding university students with school students to generate interest. The agreement would also involve students in new experiences and increase their social effectiveness, Prof. Dr. Asia added.

Prof. Dr. Asia continued saying: "This program is consistent with the university's orientation in the areas of community service and scientific research, facilitating the provision of experience and job opportunities for its students, and consolidating their leadership position and effective role."

Regarding the mechanism of implementing the program, Engineer Salama said that academic support lessons in basic subjects such as English, Arabic, mathematics, and science will be conducted through a special application to choose the tutor and the region in which s/he is located, for a wage that helps the university student with his/her study costs. He added: “The benefit through the project will be mutual between school and university students, and this is what distinguishes the agreement.”

The signing of this agreement comes within the university’s ongoing efforts to develop the skills of its students and open opportunities for them to gain accumulated and qualitative expertise and experiences.

AAUP and Peer-to-Peer “Dars” Sign a Cooperation Agreement
AAUP and Peer-to-Peer “Dars” Sign a Cooperation Agreement