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AAUP Participates in a Forum in the Spanish City of Granada

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

A delegation of PhD students in Conflict Resolution and academics from the Department of Social Sciences from the Arab American University participated in the "Strengthening National Research Capacities in the Field of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation" forum, which was held in the Spanish city of Granada, as part of the Erasmus project funded by the European Union.

The developments of the concept of resolving the conflict and its repercussions on the Palestinian situation were discussed in the forum as well as the relationship between conflict and various aspects such as climate, women, human rights, water and natural resources, and others.

Representatives from different departments at the University of Granada and representatives from the German Friedrich Schiller University participated in the forum.

The forum dealt with several issues in the field of political and social sciences, such as Muslims in China, the conflict in Ukraine, and the conflict in Western Sahara, in addition to the Palestinian issue and the role of reconciliation in the conflict resolution process, and its role in achieving social justice and civil peace.

The students gave introductory presentations about the university, its majors and contributions in the scientific and research field, the research achievements of the Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center, and its role in networking with regional and international institutions.

The participating delegation of university students emphasized the importance of meetings and opportunities offered by the university to its postgraduates to enhance knowledge, improve their scientific capabilities, and provide networking opportunities in order to enhance scientific research partnerships.

AAUP Participates in a Forum in the Spanish City of Granada