Excellence for Climatic Change Center at AAUP Organizes a Scientific Day

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Excellence for Climate Change and Environmental Technologies Center (ECCETC) organizes a scientific day at AAUP campus Ramallah, about Optimum use of water in agriculture by using new and modern technologies in this field.

This event aims to connect the scientific research with the Palestinian market needs in water field, with the participation of related Palestinian ministries, NGOs, the private sector and Palestinian universities.

Michelle de Vedson, an expert in the optimum use of water in agriculture, presented the scientific day in three main components, first climate excellence and the need to extract water for surface agriculture, second the foundations of smart agriculture and climate change.

The Third component was the tools that can be utilized to achieve the effectiveness of providing water in the agricultural irrigation process

Prof. Mohammad Asia President Assistant for Medical Schools Affairs assured from his side the importance of this scientific day in light of the water reality in Palestine and the need to find the best ways to serve this field.