The Faculty of Pharmacy in AAUP Gets the Membership in the FIP

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Dr. Firas Al Bazari- the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Arab American University announced that the Faculty has got the membership in International Pharmaceutical Federation FIP

Dr. Al Bazari explained that since its establishment in 1912, the FIP in its current location in the Netherlands is considered to be one of the main resources in decision making and enact laws that regularize the pharmacy career around the world, and a it has a great impact on all organizations that are interested in global health.

He said that the FIP offers its members many opportunities to participate in the educational and training workshops and conferences that benefit students and academics, and it is a reference of a continuous education that enables its members to contribute in forming the future of the pharmaceutical career.

Prof. Ali Zeidan AbuZuhri- the University President congratulated the university and its students in general and the Faculty of Pharmacy in specific for achieving this great position and said that the university is recording a new achievement as it always seeks to develop in the academic ad scientific research aspects, and now it has an important position in the international map. He explained that the university is looking forwards to be the first in the education field and that it took great steps in developing the educational facilities and laboratories in a vital environment.

Prof. Mohammad Asia- the VP for the Medical Schools Affairs expressed his pride in what the university has achieved academically, and that this is a place where all Palestinians should be proud of, and what the Faculty of Pharmacy has achieved will provide opportunities to the students in the Faculty in AAUP.

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