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Sunday, October 27, 2019
AAUP Organizes an Awareness Workshop About " Cyber-Security and Its Risks "

Haseeb Al-Sabbagh IT Center for Excellence in cooperation with Faculty of Engineering and IT, organized an Awareness workshop about “cybersecurity and its risks" presented by Eng. Montaser Bedair, General Manager of IT Security C&T.

During the workshop, Mr. Bedair presented the main challenges of cybersecurity, and how the institutions can handle these risks and cyber threats, especially electronic hacking (Hacking) and ways to address them. As he mentioned the job opportunities and career path of cybersecurity in Palestine for students and graduates.

On the other hand, Arab American University team won first place in the "8th Student Creativity Conference" organized by Palestine Polytechnic University, with their project called GREEN.

Sunday, October 13, 2019
An E-Workshop at AAUP entitled "Exploring Jobs in FinTech"

Hassib Al-Sabbagh IT Center for Excellence and Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at the University organized a workshop entitled "finding Jobs in FinTech".

The workshop targeted students in the following disciplines: Accounting, banking and Financial Sciences at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, through presenting jobs that are available in FinTech and career prospects in this Field.

The workshop was presented online by Mr. Mohammed Ramzi, a founding partner of ReliaBid Inc. Which is considered one of the most important companies in e-commerce services internationally.

Sunday, October 13, 2019
AAUP honors its employees for participating in PMP training course

VP for Training Affairs & Hasseb Al-Sabbagh IT Center for at AAUP honor its university employees for participating in PMP training course.

President Assistant Eng. Bara Asfour and his fellow colleges praised the participants and distributes certificates wishing all the employees the best luck and success


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