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Saturday, November 30, 2019

It was organized under collaboration with Al Jazeera Media Institute

AAUP concluded the five days TV Broadcasting training course, which was organized under collaboration with Al Jazeera Media Institute. 28 participants_ including students from Arabic and Media department and some journalists and media presenters_ finished this training that came among Al Jazeera ambassadors program.

Prof Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President, Eng. Bara Asfour- Assistant to the President, Dr. Mo’ayyad Abu Saa’- the VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Said Abu Mo’alla- Media Professor, the training course participants and Ms. Salma Al Jamal- the course trainer all attended the conclusion ceremony of the training course. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

AAUP Hosts Salma Al-Jamal a Broadcaster at Al-Jazeera TV News to present a training course about TV news broadcaster for students in Arabic language and Media Dept. As part of "Al Jazeera Ambassadors" initiative sponsored by Al Jazeera Media Institute.

AAUP President Prof. Ali Abu Zuhri, VP of academic affairs Dr. Mu'ayyad Abu Sa'aa and head of Radio and Television Dept Mr. Saed Abu Mu'allih, welcomed Salma Al-Jamal and gave a breaf introduction about AAUP, its goals and visions and about the academic programs that meet the local and international market needs.

AAUP has equipped the dept. of Arabic language and Media with a TV Studio and a local Radio Studio for training purposes and enhance student’s skills, AAUP president thank Salma for her participation in this training course.

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