Thursday, April 8, 2021
The Continuing Education Center in AAUP Concludes Two Courses about (Alshamel Accounting Software and IELTS Preparation)

The Continuing Education Center in Arab American University organized a ceremony that was attended by Dr. Hasan Yasin- the VP for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Dr. Khalid Atyeh- the Head of the Continuing Education Center. The ceremony was to graduate 15 participants who participated in two courses one was about Alshamel Accounting Software and the other is in IELTS Preparation.

Dr. Atyeh- the Head of the Education Center started the ceremony by welcoming the guests and congratulating the participants in both courses. He ensured that the center will always seek to organize many useful courses to qualify university students and prepare them to the labor market, and to improve the local community and develop it.

Sunday, April 4, 2021
Course Entitled “Introduction to Scientific Journalism”

The Faculty of Modern Media in Arab American University and under collaboration with Al Jazeera Media Institute concluded a free-of-charge training course entitled “Introduction to Scientific Journalism”

The course, which was lectured by Mr. Mohammad Ahdad- the journalist in Al Jazeera Media Institute, targeted 15 journalists working in the Palestinian Media Organizations, in addition to other people who are interested in the Scientific Journalism field.  

Dr. Hanadi Dwaikat- the Dean of the Faculty of Modern Media thanked journalist Mr. Mohammad Ahdad and Al Jazeera Media Institute for the great welcoming from their side to organize this course especially during the COVID-19 situation. She said that the number of students and media workers who were interested in this course reflected the needs of the news community in Palestine, especially because the pandemic has revealed that the Palestinian press and media organizations are in severe need to such specialized press.

Sunday, March 28, 2021
Hassib Sabbagh IT Center in AAUP Concludes the Training Course under Collaboration with Otermans British Institution

Hassib Sabbagh IT Center for Excellence in Arab American University and under joint partnership with Otermans British Organization, Bethlehem Development Organization, CCC and the Pakistani Organization of Aljadid Manpower Services concluded a training funded course of “personal and occupational skills between youth in Palestine” that targeted the Palestinian graduates and pioneers from the Palestinian community.

The training was provided by a specialized staff from Otermans organization in London in addition to some other trainers from British Universities such as: University of Cambridge, University of Birmingham, Brunel University London, etc.

The training course focused on developing the practical skills in students in order to be able to prepare work reports in English, the right planning for projects, the modern ways in leading and working in teams, and prepare students to have their personal goals to get a position.


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