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Student Affairs

Monday, January 13, 2020
The conclusion of Shashat 11th festival entitled “Let’s Watch a Movie” that was holding the motto of “I am Palestinian” as 20 films were presented with AAUP students attendance.

The Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP and Shashat Institution celebrated the conclusion of Shashat 11th festival entitled “Let’s Watch a Movie” that was under the motto “I am Palestinian”. 20 films were screened during the festival with the attendance of AAUP students.

“Let’s Watch a Movie” festival is a cultural and community related project that started three years ago and is funded by the European Union, the Switzerland institution CFD and Poland Representative in Palestine.

Monday, December 9, 2019
AAUP Organizes a Cultural Competitive Contest between Faculties Entitled " Minds Challenge "

The Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP organized a cultural competition entitled “Minds Challenge” between faculties. The competition aims to improve students’ general information and create competitive environment. The first round was between the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences.   

D. Bashar Draghmeh- the Dean of the Deanship of Student Affair started the competition by asserting on the importance of the extracurricular activities that help in improving students personalities. He said that the goal of this activity is to explore the mind abilities and the general information of students. It will also help in strengthening relations between faculties and creating a team to represent the university in any future local or regional cultural competitions. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019
Students  during their “Let’s See a Movie” project discussion

The Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP organized a project entitled “Let’s See a Movie” under collaboration with “Shashat Woman Cinema”. This project enhances students’ capabilities in group discussions and presentations, and it enables them to actively contribute in building a democratic community that respects human rights and diversity.

After discussing the movie “Kilimanjaro Girls” for director Maisa AlSha’er, the student Nermeen Abu Tbaikh- student at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences said that she appreciates this opportunity that enabled her to stand and talk in front of audience. She said that this project is good for teaching them how to do time management and run discussions by asking and answering questions. It encouraged audience to express their opinions and convince others.


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