Monday, December 9, 2019
AAUP Organizes a Lecture Entitled " Arab Islamic Medicine: between Traditions and Scientific Research "

The Faculty of Sciences in AAUP has organized a lecture entitled “Arab Islamic Medicine: between Traditions and Scientific Research” and hosted Dr.Bashar Sa’d – a Researcher in Biology and member of the Faculty of Sciences staff. The lecture was attended by Deans, Head of Departments and university students.

Dr. Seba Shank – the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences started the lecture by welcoming the audience and explaining that this lecture is one of the series lectures that will be organized by the scientific committee of the faculty. Those lectures enhance the scientific relations between other departments and faculties in the university. Dr. Shanak also introduced Dr. Bashar Sa’d indicating that he was one of the first staff who joined AAUP, he has many scientific researches and hold the degree of professorship.

Saturday, October 26, 2019
Part of the Seminar

Biological Sciences and Biotechnology Dept. the Faculty of Science AAUP held a scientific seminar about “Biological forensic analysis” its importance & DNA usage, presented by the Lecturer Mr. Mahmoud Abed, a Consultant working with the UN Office for Drugs and Crime, also a Specialist in Biological Forensic Analysis and Head of Life Sciences Dept. at the Canadian Police Foundation, Quebec Region, Canada

The seminar was attended by Faculty members, administrative staff, and university students, where Dr. Firas Al-Batta opened the seminar and assured the importance of this seminar.

Mr. Abed said: “Forensic science is one of the leading applied sciences in the service of human community to help achieve justice, especially Forensic Biology \ Forensic Sciences. This specialty has evolved over the past years, especially in terms of DNA forensics with the development of genetic material technology.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Dr. Siba Shanak

University Graduate Dr. Siba Shanak
From a student to becoming the dean of Faculty of Sciences
It started in 2003 & 2019 was the star year

Siba Shanak joined the university in 2003. she studied in Life Sciences and Biotechnology Dept. graduated in 2006, where she ranked the first at Arab American University at a rate of 3.99, continued her scientific career with determination, her ambition grew day by day until she reached to be the dean of the Faculty of Sciences in 2019. .......... Siba Shanak, we are proud of your  excellence and uniqueness.


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