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Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University hosted the 13th National Championship for Educational Robotics in Palestine, "First Lego" organized by Fiker institution entitle "Space", in which 30 teams of students participated from the Directorates of Education in the northern West Bank

The First Lego World Robotics Competition is a global scientific competition held in more than 88 countries in the world, and all teams deal with the same title and operate on the same standards. It is also one of the most exciting and fast-paced competitions. It is a combination of education and creativity, on the other hand it is designed for the age group of 9 years and up to 16 years old of school students, each team consists of "2 - 10" students in addition to the coach and supervisor.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Part of the Honoring

Hassib Al-Sabbagh IT Center for Excellence at the University honored Raghad Saed Maslamani in 11th grade at Tubas Girls Secondary School, for qualifying to the second stage on the Palestinian level at the competition in Palestine Science and Technology exhibition 2019, annually organized by the Ministry of Education.

Raghad received third place in Tubas governorate her project " Window to Their Spectrum," which focuses on children with autism to find solutions to their behaviors. The project was hosted by Hassib Al Sabbagh Center.

The Center congratulated Raghad and her family on this achievement, wishing them excellence and achieving good results during the second phase of the competition.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
A Delegation from the National Commission for Accreditation and Quality visits the university to see its academic and research development

A delegation from the National Commission for Accreditation and Quality from Ministry of Education and Higher Education visited Arab American University to see its academic programs and its correspondence with the local, regional and international market, as well as to see scientific research development and publishing scientific research in various specialized fields in Local, Arab and international scientific journals.

The delegation consisted of its President Dr. Waleed Sweileh, the Head of the Program Accreditation Department Mrs. Nisreen Al-Khafash and Eng. Iyad Abu Samra, where they were weclomed by the Vice President for Planning and Development Dr. Moaz Sabhah and Dean of Scientific Research Dr. Mahmoud Manasra.


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