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The Faculty of Modern Media tries to keep pace with the great development of the media field that is developing rapidly due to technological and digital development, and this requires continuous work and follow-up to open new programs that can deal with the development in all areas.

The Faculty also provides a rich educational environment to its students and contributes in a creative way in changing the Palestinian media to the better by providing the Palestinian community with educated graduates equipped with knowledge and practice.

The motto of the Faculty is “study in the field” which reflects the teaching philosophy of the faculty as it offers its students an educational model that is very much like the way of teaching medical students in the hospitals.

This makes the Faculty not only about teaching classes, but also as a big “news room” just like it is in the media organizations, and the field for students is the scope of journalistic and press work that includes the university, its area and its surrounding cities. Academics on the other hand are the trainers, lecturers and the editor managers in the news room.

The main reason behind this teaching style is to focus on the technological tools and modern aspects of media that are supposed to impact the media teaching environment, without this affecting the basics of the theoretical and intellectual foundations for students.