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Defense of a Master’s Thesis in the Criminal Science Program by Student Yasser Hammad

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Student Yasser Hammad, a researcher in the Master’s Program in Criminal Science - Department of Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended his thesis titled: “Economic Crime and the Individualization of Punishment.”

The study’s problem statement lies mainly in the legal texts related to the individualization of punishment for economic crimes, whether contained in the Penal Code or in other laws, where the court is granted discretionary power. The difference between the two edges is often large, so that the judge’s discretionary power expands to face various circumstances surrounding the economic crime and its perpetrator.

The study deals with searching for penalties enacted by the legislator for economic crimes and considers the extent to which the enforcement of the principle of punitive exclusivity is capable of combating economic crime and achieving the general functions of punishment, which are general deterrence, specific deterrence and protecting the society from the criminal danger that results from economic crimes that are reflected in the national economy.

The study derives its importance from a theoretical standpoint in explaining the problems facing the individualization of punishment for economic crimes in Palestine by clarifying the punitive policy of the Palestinian legislator regarding punitive individualization, which aims to achieve proportionality between crime and punishment and thus achieve criminal justice.

The thesis was supervised by Dr. Jihad Kiswani. The committee of examiners included: Dr. Ahmed Al Ashqar and Dr. Fadi Rabaiah. The committee approved the thesis with corrections and recommended that the thesis be published.