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The University Organizes a Training Course About “how to Perform a Splint”

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at Arab American University organized a training course about “how to perform a splint” in modern scientific ways, for students from Occupational Therapy, and employees from medical, health and rehabilitation institutions and centers from different places of West Bank.

with the attendance of the Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences Prof. Mohammed Asya, the Acting Director Occupational Therapy Union Mr. Anan Ghabash, and representatives from rehabilitation societies, medical institutions and health centers in different parts of the West Bank.

The training started with the Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Prof. Asia, in which he stressed the importance of this training. He said that the university provides splinting services for its patients in modern and high scientific techniques. He explained that a team from the university was sent to Belgium to learn about the latest materials and techniques in creating splints for various injuries, whereas using these updated splints enhances the patient's reliance on themselves in their daily life skills

He added that the university has provided all new medical materials for creating splints, to train students, in addition to providing treatment services for patients at the lowest costs, yet in modern scientific way.

Mr. Anan Ghabash added practical applications for making splinters, pointing out that the purpose of the training is introducing to the participants on how to make splints and the cases that can be treated through splinters. Also use it as a therapeutic method to prevent complications in the wrong positions of the injured part, and prevents deformities.