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Defense of A Ph.D. Dissertation by Huda Salameh in Educational Administration

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Huda Salameh, a researcher in the Educational Administration program, defended her dissertation entitled: "A proposed Vision for the Development of Emotional Administrative Practices among the Employees of the Palestinian Ministry of Education" to obtain the Ph.D. in Educational Administration.

The study aimed to develop a vision for the development of administrative practices that stir emotions among the employees of the Palestinian Ministry of Education. It also aimed to determine the nature of the differences in the averages of their responses to the total score on the questionnaire about the reality of emotional administrative practices.

To achieve the objectives of the study, the mixed-methods approach (quantitative and qualitative) was used, and the questionnaire was distributed to a randomly selected sample of administrative employees in the Ministry of Education / the ministry’s headquarters and directorates in the northern governorates, in addition to an open individual interview for officials in the Ministry of Education who are directly related to policies and decision-making.

The study came out with several important results, most notably:

  • Domains and the scale as a whole did not meet the hypothetical level (80%) as an acceptable level for the minimum availability of domains.
  • The consensus of the participants who took part in the interviews on the importance of the serious consideration by the directors of the psychological and social needs of the employees, the importance of orderly rotation in the administrative process, the directors’ adoption of the open-door policy, the performance evaluation forms approved in the Ministry and the Personnel Council need to be modified and developed, the employees' dissatisfaction with the performance evaluation form, the difficulty in providing financial incentives due to economic conditions, and that the performance evaluation form is approved in a moot way in promotions.

Among the most prominent recommendations of the study: Adopting the use of the proposed model in the Ministry of Education, reviewing the administrative practices used in the workplace, the Ministry of Education should have more interest in the development and awareness of officials of the importance of activating positive emotions among employees, working to reduce the anxiety resulting from negative administrative practices. This all can be done by following strategies that achieve psychological health for employees, and arouse positive emotions such as happiness and satisfaction, through: (fairness, cooperation, transparency, work in team spirit, exchanging experiences, etc...

The dissertation was supervised by Prof. Dr. Joltan Hijazi. The examination committee included: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Shaheen, Prof. Dr. Bassem Hawamdeh, and Prof. Dr. Mohammad Omran.

Defense A Ph.D. Dissertation by Huda Salameh in Educational Administration