The First Annual Graduate School Research Conference Preparations

Monday, October 14, 2019

AAUP has announced its readiness for the first annual graduate school research conference sponsored by the Minister of higher education and scientific research Prof. Mahmoud Abu Muwais in the 18-19th of October at AAUP Conference Hall – Ramallah

This conference comes in alignment with the university’s vision to enhance scientific research not only among academics but also university students to connect these researches with the local community and national issues.

the conference focuses on students of graduate studies who have completed their thesis along with those who successfully published their thesis and projects in scientific journals. in addition, that the main goal of this conferences is to encourage scientific research in all fields and insight of the openness of skills and scientific research methodologies in the era of globalization, technology and scientific updates.  

the conference also aims to create a friendly environment of academic publishing, enhancing research skills, and encouraging the participation in local, regional, and international conferences.

along with creating real academic and research partnership with the students and lecturers. Considering that the serious relationship between the lecturer and the student in research tracks enhances the student's abilities and research skills.

during the conference students from all speculations will present their research where the committee will study and defense these research. it is worth mentioning that AAUP allocated $ 12,000 for excellent research and $ 500 for excellent poster, in addition to publishing the researches presented in the conference in a special edition in the AAUP Journal.

the conference is organized by Faculty of Graduate Studies, Deanship of Scientific Research with the partnership of Policy and Conflict Resolutions Studies Center at AAUP.