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The Project “soft Landing” Its Qualified for the Second Phase for AAUP Students Within Ejada Entrepreneurship Project

Monday, September 2, 2019

The project “soft landing” is qualified for the two students Sewar Muhaid and Malk Shalabi from AAUP for the second phase with Ejada Entrepreneurship project, that is executed by the Excellence and Continuing Education Center at Hebron Polytechnic University in cooperation with Taawan institution.

The project is a tool (jacket and movable belt suspended in the ceiling for mobility and movement) designed for people with spinal cord injuries, stroke, neurological disorders affecting movement, as well as for elderly, where this tool prevents and reduces the rate of falls and complications.

The students were supervised during the preparation of the project by Mr. Mohammed Salahat, Mr. Amer Jaroushi and Mr. Walid Abu Samra, and hosted by Haseeb Al-Sabbagh IT Center for Excellence in cooperation with the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Occupational Therapy Dept. at the University.

At this stage, the team will be trained to prepare for a business plan in addition to a financial and marketing plan for the project.