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Sunday, June 2, 2024
Students from the Arab American University Participate in Preparing the Municipality of Maithlon 2025 Budget

A group of students from the Accounting Department at the Faculty of Business at the Arab American University participated in the workshop on preparing the estimated budget of 2025 for the municipality of Maithalon. This workshop comes within the framework of the training program for students from the Accounting Department implemented by Yaqeen Consulting and Training Company.

The workshop was attended by the Head of Maithloun Municipality, Hamad Rabaya, the municipality’s executive director, Jamal Nairat, the financial officer in the municipality, Zakaria Abu Jaber, the head of the engineering department, engineer Israa Rabaya, as well as members of the municipal council. The workshop was supervised by Dr. Hosni Rabaya, an academician at the University’s Faculty of Business and the training supervisor at Yaqeen Consulting and Training Company, Khadra Jihad Ayaseh.

Monday, May 22, 2023
AAUP Organizes a Workshop on the Reality of Tax in Palestine for Accounting Department Students

The Accounting Department at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at the Arab American University organized a workshop entitled "The Reality of Tax in Palestine", targeting students of the Accounting Department and a number of students in other disciplines in the Faculty.

With the presence of Dr. Salah Bani Odeh, Director of the Value Added Tax Department, Mr. Louay Abu Harb, Assistant Director of the Value Added Tax Department, Mr. Jihad Amour, Director of the Income Tax Department, Mr. Mohamed Youssef, Director of the Property Tax Department, and a number of experienced auditors.

Sunday, March 19, 2023
AAUP Holds A Training Course on Financial Reporting for Accounting, Finance and Data Science Students

The Arab American University and the Palestine Public Finance Institute conducted a training course on public finance and the mechanism of financial reporting. The course, in which the Director General of Accounts at the Ministry of Finance Mr. Ahmad Thuminat gave lectures, targeted students of Accounting, Finance and Data Science, at the Faculty of Administrative Financial Sciences.

The course was inaugurated with a speech delivered by both the Head of the Finance and Data Science Department, Dr. Rasha Abbadi, and the Head of the Accounting Department, Dr. Rajeh Alawneh. In their speech, they welcomed the attendees. They stressed the importance of the course for students who are graduating from the Departments of Accounting, Finance and Data Science. They also indicated that this course benefits the students when they enter the labor market, encouraging them to benefit from the experience of Mr. Ahmad Thuminat.


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