Wednesday, April 27, 2022
AAUP And Al-Awqaf Directorate In Jenin Are Arranging A Seminar on "Jerusalem And Al-Aqsa In the Shadows of Night Of Decree"

The jurisprudence and law department at the faculty of law at The Arab American University organized a seminar for students under the title “ Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa in the shadows of night of decree” in association with Al-Awqaf directorate in Jenin City.

Sheik Mohamed Abahra, one of the employees at Al-Awqaf Ministry, was hosted in the presence of the Dean of the law faculty Dr. Rizk Samoudi, the head of the jurisprudence and law department Dr. Medhat Al-Ahmad, members of the academic and administrative body, and university students.

Monday, March 28, 2022
AAUP and the Ministry of Culture Organize a Symposium about "Theater in Resistance"

Arab American University and the Ministry of Culture organized a symposium entitled “Theater in Resistance” on the occasion of the International Day of Theater, and this symposium came as part of “March Culture” Events that the Ministry launched lately.

Prof. Ayman Yousef- a Lecturer in Political Sciences participated in the symposium along with scholar Izzat Aburub- the Chairman of the Cultural Advisory Council representing the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Mustafa Shata- the General Director of the Freedom Theater and Mr. Fadi Jumaa- the Public Relations Department Manager.

Monday, February 21, 2022
A Seminar for PhD Students about Merging Technology with Education

The Faculty of Graduate Studies in Arab American University- Ramallah organized a seminar for its 2nd year PhD students in Educational Administration; the seminar was about “the reality of merging technology with education”.

Dr. Hiba Abu Ziad- the Faculty Member in AAUP supervised this seminar along with Dr. Shahinaz Najjar- the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Dr. Mohammad Umran- the Head of the Educational Administration Department and Dr. Naser Saafin- a Faculty Member in AAUP.

The seminar aimed to train students on the scientific research techniques and to encourage them to participate in international conferences.


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