Sunday, October 14, 2018

The President of Arab American University, Prof. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, welcomed the President of the Constitutional Court, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Al-Haj Qassem, who was hosted at a lecture organized by the Faculty of Law entitled "Characteristics and Features of the Democratic Constitution".

Prof. Abu Zuhri, Present of the University presented an overall presentation about the university's achievements, especially in academic levels, where programs are developed for bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees according to the needs of labor market, as he assured the importance of the Constitutional Court and praising the role played by the court.

Saturday, July 28, 2018
The university hosts the head of the Arab and Islamic funds in a lecture for Master’s  students

The Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies at Ramallah campus hosted the head of the Arab and Islamic Fun, Minister Naser Qatami, in a lecture for writing project proposal course students of the strategic planning and the funds’ raising master program.

The hosting is part of the Faculty of Graduate Studies education policy to link the offered courses in various academic programs to reality and Palestinian market.

Minister Qatami gave a detailed explanation of the funds role in providing financial support for Palestinian projects’ proposals. Noting that 25% of the fund dedicated to the people of Jerusalem to face the racist occupation actions and talked about the Fund requirements in accepting project proposals.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University Ramallah Campus hosted the former South African Ambassador to the State of Palestine Mr. Rafique Gangat in a lecture for Conflict Resolution and Development Master Students, to talk about interlocking boundaries between strategic and effective communication on one hand, and conflicts resolution on the other, knowing these two fields are intertwined with each other and with other knowledge fields.

The Ambassador Ghangat was welcomed by the Conflict Resolution and Development lecturer at the Faculty of Graduate Studies Dr. Ayman Yousef and Administrative Director of Ramallah Campus Mr. Mohammad Saba’na.

The lecture was attended by the conflict resolution and development program students who interacted with great passion as the lecturer used interactive tools, brainstorming and humor to manage the lecture, which had a great impact in making a change in them, conceptually and theoretically as all these theoretical methods were linked to the Palestinian case reality.


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