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Postgraduate Studies

Friday, April 28, 2023
M.A. Thesis Predicting Electrical Loads Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Mubarak Abu Mohsen, a researcher in the Master's program in Data Science and Business analysis, published a research paper titled "Predicting Electrical Loads Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Energy System in Palestine" in the Q1-rated journal (Energies).

The student has previously defended his thesis, which is the first in its field in Palestine, where it aimed to build an accurate, reliable model for predicting electrical loads using deep learning algorithms (LSTM, GRU and RNN), based on factual data obtained from the Tubas Electricity Company.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Defense of A PhD Dissertation by Ghassan Thouqan in Educational Administration

Student Ghassan Thouqan defended his Ph.D dissertation entitled: "Organizational Justice as a Mediating Factor between Transformational Leadership and the Quality of Administrative Decisions among the Directors of Academic Departments in Palestinian Universities and a Proposed Development Strategy" to obtain the Ph.D. in Educational Administration.

The study aimed to identify the verity of organizational justice, transformational leadership, and the quality of administrative decisions among the directors of academic departments in Palestinian universities from the perspectives of faculty members as well as the role of organizational justice as a mediating factor between transformational leadership and the quality of administrative decisions. Moreover, the study aimed to identify the impact of several variables on organizational justice, transformational leadership, and the quality of administrative decisions.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Researcher Bara Asfour Defends His Ph.D. Dissertation in Business

Researcher Bara Asfour, a student in the program of Ph.D. in Business, joint with Indiana University of Pennsylvania, defended his dissertation entitled: "The Relationship between Administrative Commitment, Psychological Empowerment, and Job Performance among Employees of Higher Education Institutions in Palestine (the West Bank)."

The research aimed at evaluating the relationship among the three fields of study: administrative commitment, psychological empowerment, and job performance at Palestinian universities in the West Bank. The data of the study was collected from a sample of 665 academics from a number of public and private universities using a questionnaire consisted of a measurement of administrative commitment, and an instrument for psychological empowerment and individual work performance.


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