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Students Discussion of "Let’s See a Movie" Project

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP organized a project entitled “Let’s See a Movie” under collaboration with “Shashat Woman Cinema”. This project enhances students’ capabilities in group discussions and presentations, and it enables them to actively contribute in building a democratic community that respects human rights and diversity.

Students during their “Let’s See a Movie” project discussion

After discussing the movie “Kilimanjaro Girls” for director Maisa AlSha’er, the student Nermeen Abu Tbaikh- student at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences said that she appreciates this opportunity that enabled her to stand and talk in front of audience. She said that this project is good for teaching them how to do time management and run discussions by asking and answering questions. It encouraged audience to express their opinions and convince others.

On the other hand, student Ro’ya Assal- student at the Faculty of Arts explained that her discussion of “Al Kofyyeh” for Afnan Qatrawi, enabled her to criticize movies and how to use them to serve national, local and community causes. She also mentioned that she has learned from the experience of the written report that explains the most important aspects of the movie and the audience opinions.

Student Sarah Abdawi from the Faculty of Dentistry, talked about her experience in presenting “Warq Dawali” movie for the director Dina Amin. She said that what was special about the movie is the similarity between the story of the movie that talks about the experience of a Syrian lady who moved to live in Jerusalem, and her own family’s story who originally are Algerians and now are in Jerusalem. This movie and this experience have greatly affected her. 

Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh explained how AAUP always tries to encourage students to try as many experiences as possible to develop their personalities and enhance their skills in presenting and discussion in front of others. Those movies were a great chance for discussion, especially that the movies focused on the causes of the community, and were directed by youth Palestinians and discussed by youth Palestinians as well.

“Let’s See a Movie” is a project implemented by “Shashat Woman Cinema”, “Association of Female University Graduates” and “Sunflower Association”. This project is a cultural and community related project that started three years ago and is funded by the European Union, the Switzerland institution CFD and Poland Representative in Palestine.

Students  during their “Let’s See a Movie” project discussion
Students  during their “Let’s See a Movie” project discussion
Students  during their “Let’s See a Movie” project discussion