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Wednesday, December 27, 2023
The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Meets the New Students

The Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University has held an orientation meeting with first-year students for the Academic Year 2023/2024, since they were met by Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Malek Zaben, and both of his Assistants; Dr. Ramez Zaid and Ms. Areej Shalbak. 

Dr. Malek welcomed the students, praised their commitment, attendance and choosing the major of Medicine, involving its long and arduous path on the one hand and challenging for creativity and achievement on the other. Moreover, Dr. Malek shared the story of his scientific career in order to encourage and motivate students to move forward with the aim of attaining their scientific dream and career.        

The meeting also included short lectures, in which they have been introduced to the Faculty of Medicine and the means of communication between the Faculty and students.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023
Part of the Lectures

The Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University, in collaboration with the International Medical Education Trust, concluded the lecture series of “Teaching The Teachers” Program, which comes within the policy of the University and Faculty of Medicine for the advancement of medical education in the University in particular and Palestine in general.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asia, AAUP Vice President, inaugurated the Program with a speech in which he welcomed the attendees, praising the efforts of the International Medical Education Trust (IMET), along with its interest and initiative to provide such crucial trainings that strive to improve the academic performance of the teaching staff at the Medical Faculties of the University. Prof. Dr. Asia highlighted that the University's supports and encourages these crucial trainings which fall within the University's development plans of its academic staff.       

Tuesday, October 3, 2023
The Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University Holds the first “White Coat” Ceremony

The Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University organized the White Coat Ceremony to mark the transition of the first group of the Faculty of Medicine from the stage of learning basic medical sciences to training in hospitals.

This celebration comes as part of the careful and deliberate steps taken by the faculty towards creating a promising and distinguished generation of Palestinian doctors.


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