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Hebron University Hosts Dr. Dalal Erikat From Faculty of Graduate Studies to Give a Lecture About Elections

Monday, September 30, 2019

Hebron University hosted Dr. Dalal Erikat from Faculty of Graduate Studies from AAUP to give a lecture for students taking “Palestine Question Course” with Dr. Musa Ajwih. Where Dr. Dalal talked about the Israeli Elections, its outcomes and impacts, as she focused on the role of Joint Arab Establishment in these elections.

Part of the Lecture

It is worth mentioning that this course targets students from the Palestinian 1984 territories, that are 80 students coming from Al-Naqab.

During the lecture a discussion was held about the importance of the youth’s role and strategic thinking, as for the importance of the individual in seeking changes in order to hopefully change the political variables.

This event comes within AAUP’s cooperation with other Palestinian universities to raise the academic and scientific awareness in the political fields for the students and enhance their participation in the political life and its approaches.