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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
AAUP Organizes "HULT PRIZE" Competition

Hassib Al-Sabbagh Center for Information Technology Excellence in AAUP has organized HULT Prize 2020 competition with the participation of 25 teams from all faculties. This competition helps participants to try to find solutions and create entrepreneurial companies with positive effect on the environment.   

Dr. Nizam Diab- the VP for Training Affairs started the competition, which was organized with HULT Prize team, by welcoming guests and judges committees which contain professional members from universities and Palestinian institutions. Dr. Diab explained that this competition is a great opportunity for ambitious students and will give them the chance to come up with creative projects that can compete internationally. He also talked about the importance of creativity for Palestinian students and youth, and asserted that this is the path to success.

Monday, December 9, 2019
AAUP Organizes a Cultural Competitive Contest between Faculties Entitled " Minds Challenge "

The Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP organized a cultural competition entitled “Minds Challenge” between faculties. The competition aims to improve students’ general information and create competitive environment. The first round was between the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences.   

D. Bashar Draghmeh- the Dean of the Deanship of Student Affair started the competition by asserting on the importance of the extracurricular activities that help in improving students personalities. He said that the goal of this activity is to explore the mind abilities and the general information of students. It will also help in strengthening relations between faculties and creating a team to represent the university in any future local or regional cultural competitions. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
A Project of two Students won the Prize of 8000 $ in Ijada Contest for Leading Businesses

Siwar Mahameed and Malak Shalabi, students at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences in AAUP have won the prize of 8000$ in the final contest of Ijada project for leading businesses. Hassib Al-Sabbagh Center in AAUP has supported their project “Soft Landing” that was supervised by Dr. Amer Jaroshi, Mohammad Salahat and Waleed Abu Samra. This project was implemented under participation with the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences.

Prof. Mohammad Ascia- the Assistant to the President for the Medical Faculties Affairs, and the Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences congratulated both students. Dr. Ascia asserted on the importance of implementing this project and other medical research projects that provide care services for patients and individuals. The goal is to transfer the researches into entrepreneurial project for the benefit of the Palestinian community.  


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