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Monday, June 12, 2023
A Visit Aiming to Develop University Education and Scientific Research at AAUP Is Concluded by a Shenandoah University Delegation

A delegation from Shenandoah University concluded its visit to the Arab American University campuses in Jenin and Ramallah for four days. During this visit, workshops were held for members of the academic and administrative staff and students in nursing, allied medical sciences, engineering, information technology and some other majors.

This visit serves several purposes, most notably, strengthening the cooperative efforts of the two universities, strengthening the international partnership as well as resuming the agreements concluded between the two parties earlier when a delegation from the Arab American University visited Shenandoah University. This visit also aims to hold workshops aimed at developing university education and joint scientific research.

Sunday, May 28, 2023
Students of the Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University Use the Oxford University Platform for Virtual Reality

As a part of the University’s constant endeavor to provide the Faculty of Medicine with modern technologies and various means of education, an agreement has been concluded with Oxford Medical Education with simulation technology, through the Oxford-Palestine Foundation, to provide students of the Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University with licenses under which students can use the Oxford platform for medical education technology in virtual reality.

Experts from the University of Oxford trained the students and the academic staff on the principles of using this platform effectively by holding a workshop via the Zoom platform, with the presence and supervision of the Faculty Deanship.

Monday, May 15, 2023
AAUP and Shenandoah University Develop a Joint Program in Virtual Reality Sciences

A delegation from the Arab American University visited Shenandoah University in Virginia - USA with the aim of enhancing the collaborative efforts of the two universities and strengthening the international partnership. The delegation included the Vice President for Medical Faculties Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asia, the Director of E-Learning at the University, Dr. Ahmad Ewais, the Dean of the Faculty of Data Science, Dr. Majdi Owda, the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Lobna Harazi, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing, Dr.

In several meetings, the two parties discussed research in the development of curricula, research and administrative activities, learning and training in developing multiple skills in the nursing specialization, as well as touring the university's facilities such as anatomy laboratories, nursing laboratories among others. In addition, the two parties discussed opening new horizons of cooperation in establishing academic programs’ collaboration between the two universities in Virtual reality sciences by the beginning of next year.

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