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Tuesday, May 7, 2024
AAUP Library and Archives Director - Ramallah Campus, Ms. Rola Shahwan, Participates in the Arab Film Festival in Berlin

Ms. Rola Shahwan, Director of the Library and Archives at the Arab American University - Ramallah Campus, has participated in the events of the fifteenth Arab Film Festival in Berlin, Germany last week. This year's festival was devoted to displaying and discussing Palestinian films related to the Palestinian conflict, whether old films revived and displayed, or new ones.

The festival had a distinctive representation of the Palestinian narrative on German cinemas and presented a Palestinian perspective to Arab and German audiences.

Thursday, August 24, 2023
AAUP Hosts a Researcher from the German Jülich Institute in a Workshop on Nuclear Medicine Applications

The Department of Medical Imaging at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at the Arab American University hosted Dr. Ahlam Issa, a researcher at the German Jülich Research Institute, in a workshop on nuclear medicine applications.

The workshop was attended by Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Dr. Muhammad Al-Jamal, Head of the Medical Imaging Department, Dr. Samer Muhanna, and a number of master's students, in addition to students interested in the fields of nuclear medicine.

Dr. Issa emphasized the importance of nuclear medicine in diagnosing many intractable diseases that some techniques cannot diagnose.

Sunday, March 27, 2022
The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center in AAUP Organizes a Training Course in Germany

The Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center in AAUP organized a training course in Conflict Resolution and Internal Reconciliation for students in the Master of Conflict Resolutions and Master of Intercultural Communication. The training course that was funded by the European Union and was entitled “Promoting the National Research Capabilities in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation” took place in Friedrich Schiller University- Germany the European partner in Erasmus project.

Forty-two academics and students participated in the training course that lasted for 6 days in addition to the participation of Palestinian universities who are partner in the project. Participants from Hebron University were from the programs of public diplomacy, law and political sciences, and from the program of regional and international studies from Islamic University- Gaza who participated for the first time physically in the events of the project because of the general circumstances that Gaza is living.


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