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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Since its inception, the Arab American University has been sponsoring and developing scientific research. The Arab American University offers three research awards each year to encourage researchers, whether they are faculty members or students. The scientific research awards are:

The winners of the scientific research awards for 2023


First: The Arab American University Award for Excellence in Scientific Research


Monday, July 10, 2023
Two AAUP Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine Receive an Award for the Best Master's Research in Anatomy in the United Kingdom

The two researchers, Dr. Othman Al Daher and Dr. Asaad Rabie, from the Department of Anatomy and Embryology at the Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University, received the best research award from the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom, as their research papers were classified as the best thesis for a master's degree in anatomy.

Othman and Asaad are two physicians who hold master’s degrees from the CAHID Center for Anatomy, which is highly ranked in anatomy in the United Kingdom. They are currently working as lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University, and they were recently rewarded by the University of Dundee on the occasion of their merit for the best thesis for obtaining a master’s degree in anatomy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
AAUP Honors Distinguished Researchers and Faculty Members Who Received Academic Promotions

The founder Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab American University, Dr. Yousef Asfour, the University President, Prof. Dr. Ali Zedan Abu Zuhri, and the Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Awad, honored the distinguished researchers who published research papers in reputable scientific journals within the Scopus and Clarivate indexing.In addition, the teaching staff who have received academic promotions for the titles of professor and associate professor were honored.

This took place in a ceremony, under the auspices of the Founder Chairman of the University Board of Directors, Dr. Yousef Asfour, organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the University Campus in Jenin, with the presence of the University Vice-Presidents, assistants, deans of faculties, heads of departments, directors of administrative offices, and members of the academic and administrative staff.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
An AAUP Researcher at the Faculty of Graduate Studies Develops A Specialized Criminal Investigation System for Apple Watch

The researcher Mohammad Dawood, an M.A student in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis program at the Arab American University in Ramallah, developed a specialized system in criminal investigation for Apple Watch by establishing a criminal digital investigation matrix.

The researcher Dawood explained that the system, which he developed, helps investigators deal with Apple Watch by collecting digital evidence quickly. This, according to the researcher, contributes to uncovering the details of crimes, and succeeds in producing reliable reports from the Watch before the legal authorities.

He added that the subject of his M.A thesis is novel as it provides an integrated matrix specialized in dealing with Apple Watch at crime scenes.

Monday, February 27, 2023
AAUP Concludes a Cooperation Agreement with Premier Hospital for Specialized Surgery to Train Medical Students

The Arab American University in Ramallah and Premier Hospital for Specialized Surgery concluded a cooperation agreement in the field of training human medicine students, exchanging experiences in many medical fields, and conducting joint scientific research.

The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Ali Zedan Abu Zuhri, President of the University, and Mr. Jad Al-Taweel, Deputy Director General, representing the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hospital, Dr. Jiab Al-Taweel. The conclusion of the agreement was attended by Vice President for Medical Faculties Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asia, Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine, Dr. Malik Zaben, General Manager of the University Company, Mr. Faleh Abu Arra, Director of the Medical Center, Dr. Jumana Jaradat, Director of the University Laboratories, Mr.

Monday, February 20, 2023
A Team of AAUP Publishes a Research Article on Conducting Digital Forensic Analysis in WhatsApp

The student researcher Yaman Munthir Salim, Dr. Majdi Owda, and Dr. Amani Owda from the Natural, Engineering and Technological Sciences Department in the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies at the Arab American University published a research paper in the “International Journal of Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics”. The research paper is entitled

“An Experimental Approach for Locating WhatsApp Digital Forensics Artefacts on Windows 10 and the Cloud”.

The study aimed to conduct digital forensic analysis in the WhatsApp application, which is widely used by users legally sometimes and illegally at other times fields. It may also be used as a means of committing electronic crimes such as electronic espionage or data leakage and privacy penetration.

The research provides a guide for the digital investigator on how to deal with extracting important evidence from the WhatsApp application, which is valuable to help find suspects in cybercrimes.

Monday, January 2, 2023
Announcement of the Launch of the Arab American University Award for Excellence in Scientific Research 2023

The Arab American University announced the launch of the “Arab American University Award for Excellence in Scientific Research 2023”, as a continuation of its efforts to support scientific research, encourage researchers, excellence, and creativity, and enhance the university pioneering role in supporting scientific research in Palestine.

The Dean of Scientific Research at the Arab American University, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Awad, said; "Through this award, the university seeks to enhance the quality of practical research for academic staff members and researchers in Palestinian universities, in addition to supporting original scientific research. Researchers are rewarded in recognition of their scientific efforts and published research in scientific journals with a distinguished reputation and a prestigious international classification”.

Monday, January 2, 2023
The Arab American University Wins the Second Place in the Scientific Research Award in the Field of Physical Sciences

Dr. Ahmed Hasasneh, a lecturer at the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Head of the Data Science Department at the Arab American University, won the second place for the 2022 second scientific research award in the physical sciences field, presented by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for studies related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects.

The researcher was rewarded at a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the auspices of Prime Minister, Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, with the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mowais.

The researcher Hassasna’s paper is entitled “Wearable Devices, Smartphones, and Interpretable Artificial Intelligence in Combating COVID-19”. It was published in the Swiss Sensors Journal, which is listed in the first quarter journals with an impact factor of 3.847.

Monday, December 5, 2022
A Research Team from the Faculty of Medicine at AAUP Publishes a Scientific Research on a Rare Genetic Disease in Palestine in the Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal Frontiers in Genetics

A research team from the Faculty of Medicine at the Arab American University published a scientific research in the scientific journal Frontiers in Genetics, which is indexed Q2 in Scopus database, with an impact factor of 4.78.

The team included Dr. Imad Dweikat, a consultant pediatrician and metabolic diseases, and Dr. Reham Khalaf Nazzal, a researcher in human genomics and neuroscience. The study focused on the clinical results, the results of chemical analyses, and the genetic mutations that cause the rare genetic disease,

Hyperornithinemia, Hyperammonemia, and Homocitrullinuria Syndrome, according to the study, affects at least 200 patients worldwide.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022
AAUP Participates in a Forum in the Spanish City of Granada

A delegation of PhD students in Conflict Resolution and academics from the Department of Social Sciences from the Arab American University participated in the "Strengthening National Research Capacities in the Field of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation" forum, which was held in the Spanish city of Granada, as part of the Erasmus project funded by the European Union.

The developments of the concept of resolving the conflict and its repercussions on the Palestinian situation were discussed in the forum as well as the relationship between conflict and various aspects such as climate, women, human rights, water and natural resources, and others.

Representatives from different departments at the University of Granada and representatives from the German Friedrich Schiller University participated in the forum.