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Sunday, December 8, 2019
Students  during their “Let’s See a Movie” project discussion

The Deanship of Student Affairs in AAUP organized a project entitled “Let’s See a Movie” under collaboration with “Shashat Woman Cinema”. This project enhances students’ capabilities in group discussions and presentations, and it enables them to actively contribute in building a democratic community that respects human rights and diversity.

After discussing the movie “Kilimanjaro Girls” for director Maisa AlSha’er, the student Nermeen Abu Tbaikh- student at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences said that she appreciates this opportunity that enabled her to stand and talk in front of audience. She said that this project is good for teaching them how to do time management and run discussions by asking and answering questions. It encouraged audience to express their opinions and convince others.

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Defense of Master Thesis by the researcher Jenin Wahib Abu Amouneh, student of strategic planning program.

The researcher, Jenin Wahib Abu Amouneh, a student in strategic planning program at Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University in Ramallah, discussed her MA thesis entitled "A Strategy overcome Gender Equality and the Situation of Palestinian Women in the Public Sector"

In her thesis, the researcher aimed to overcome gender inequality and the situation of Palestinian women in the public sector. A qualitative analysis was adopted to analyze gender discrimination in the workplace and a strategy to overcome gender discrimination in Palestine. The results of the research questions, which included questions on gender discrimination in the workplace, discussed the effects of sexual discrimination and ways to reduce them.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Researcher Hala Shalbaya a student in conflict resolution and development program

The researcher Hala Mohammed Abdel-Hafiz Shalbaya, a student in conflict resolution and development program at the faculty of graduate studies at the University Campus Ramallah, discussed her thesis entitled “Arresting Palestinian Children, the Dual Israeli Law, Discrimination by Nationality and Violation of Children's Rights in East Jerusalem - case study”

The researcher referred in her thesis to the children as "criminals" according to the Israeli narrative, and "the victims" according to other narratives, and "not classified" according to our novel, The chapters of the thesis focused on arresting, attacking and investigation.


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